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About Product categories...

On this page you will get an impression of Vivant's products categorized by product type. In the first category you will find a grip from the wide range of luxury ribbons and cords for wrapping your most beautiful gifts or, for example, decorating your christmas door-wreath. In the category "Tablecloths & Fabrics", you'll find products for the most beautiful table decoration matching your interior or window fabrics and banners for your gift shop. Under the button "Bags and Boxes" you will find the most beautiful designs on gift bags and chocolate boxes, but also organza bags for the cosmetic industry or plant pouches for garden centers and florists. Vivant has traditionally handmade paper sheets, but nowadays, we also provide in beautiful gift papers on reel. "Specials" include the products that we consider to be extraordinar such as window sculptures and limited editions. Amongst the last group of "Decorations and Seasonal products" you'll will find Easter decoration and Christmas items, but also for example summer garlands or cosy wood baskets made out cotton.

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